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Czas ucieka! Wymień punkty na nagrody, aby nie zostały usunięte z Twojego konta!

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23.05.2018 окончание программы ESA Adventure.

Используйте накопленные баллы! Благодарим за совместно проведенное время!


Welcome to the ESA Adventure loyalty programme

We invite you to the ESA Adventure loyalty programme, due to which you and your family will always remember your journey behind DAF steering wheels. It is enough to visit our service, where prices are waiting for you. Additionally you may win points for pictures of interesting places that you have come across on your travels that you share on the website

Maybe it is really worth showing them to other people?

Remember each photograph is a point, each visit to our service are more points to be won.

Don’t wait, it’s time to begin the adventure....